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3 Well-known Reborn Doll Artist Websites


How to buy reborn baby dolls or reborn toddlers with high quality directly from reborn doll artists? If you are interested in finding the answer to the question, I believe this article won’t disappoint you. Those mentioned doll sculptors are famous for their craftsmanship, also working with the Paradise Galleries. The reborn doll artists’ websites available in the post may ease your searching.

#1. Pat Moulton

Reborn doll artist website of Pat:

Pat Moultons Baby Collection



Doll artist Pat’s story:

Pat Moulton was an experienced artist as she has been in her career of sculpting for over 40 years. She always takes inspiration from her family, where there are 5 children and a supported husband. This woman is not only a doll artist but also an inventor and teacher. She also encourages others to develop their talents.

Her awards:

  • She is the 2020 recipient of DOLLS magazine’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Presentative of Pat Moulton’s Dolls:


#2. Lisa Olsen

Reborn doll artist website of Lisa:

Hello Dolly Dolls


A brief intro to doll maker Lisa:

reborn-artist-5Lisa herself has been a doll doctor for many years. Just like she said, “ You are never too old to play with dolls”, dolls are not the only gift for children girls but for all of the people who love them. She received several prestigious awards from Dolls Magazine, although she began sculpting life size babies since 2006. moreover, she keeps her sculpting style as eclectic and varied as my personal doll collection.

Her awards:

  • 2018 PARADISE GALLERIES presents Chunky Monkey by Lisa Olson.
  • 2015 DOLLS Awards of Excellence Industry’s Choice for Artist BJD was presented to Lisa Olson.
  • The Professional Doll Makers Art Guild honored Lisa Olson 2015 Gold Award winning sculpture for Ball Jointed Doll.
  • “Juliet Capulet” by Lisa Olson was 2015 Gold Award Recipient Ball Jointed Doll Advanced Category.
  • 2013 DOLLS Awards of Excellence Industry’s Choice
  • “Molly” by Lisa Olsen won the DOLLS Awards of Excellence Industry’s Choice 2013
  • Colliii Awards Nomination 2012
  • Dolls of the Year Industry’s Choice 2009
  • Sculptor of the Month Life Like Reborn Artist and OOAK Babies Guild May 2008
  • Sculptor of the Month Life Like Reborn Artist and OOAK Babies Guild December 2008
  • Sculptor of the Month Life Like Reborn Artist and OOAK Babies Guild November 2006

Lisa’s most popular dolls’ sculpts:


#3. Sherri Williams

Reborn doll artist website of Sherri:

Sherris Tender Treasures



Reborn artist Sherri’s brief info:

Sherri started sculpting small figurines and dolls by using the material of polymer clay in 1995. She creates her dolls inspired by her memory of her childhood. I believe it must be of love and warmth. She established her reborn baby site Sherri’s Tender Treasures. In her family with 32 years of marriage, there are six children and 6 adorable grandchildren. She had great models for baby dolls.

Her awards:

  • January 28, 2011, Sherri won the Doty Award for Lil’ Sissy!
  • 2010 Dolls Award of Excellence “Winner” for Sweetheart First Place – One of Kind Category
  • 2009 Colliii Awards – “Winners” for Gracie one of A kind Toddler Category
  • 2009 Dolld Award of Excellence Nominees: Ashley and Lillie
  • 1sr Place in the Prosculpt Sculpting Contest – Baby Doll Category

The most popular Sherri Williams Dolls:



Buying baby dolls from reborn doll artist websites can avoid illegitimate reborn doll shops. I hope my work of searching those websites of famous and reliable reborn doll artists can be helpful for all of you.

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