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How to Find the Wholesale Best Reborn Baby Dolls


As a small seller who wants to start your business for Single Day’s Sales 2020, you may have a problem that how to find the wholesale best reborn dolls. Below are some tips that may help you to find the right suppliers. You can get the best wholesale reborn kits from the suppliers.

Tip-I: Know where you can find reborn doll suppliers?

wholesale-for-singles-day12-inch-bebe-reborn-dolls-for-kids-full-silicone-2Reborn doll suppliers contain the manufacturers or producers, the distributors, and the importers. You have to make sure which is your best choice according to your business plan. Make sure to buy realistic baby dolls from a wholesale distributor or producers that offer great customer service, and affordable prices. And after that, another problem is coming. In general, doll sellers will connect with the reborn doll manufacturers. Where can you find these doll suppliers? There are some useful ways below.

First, the quickest way is to look through the trade directories. Just search online, use the right keywords to minimize the selections.

Second, join trade shows and exhibitions. Because those fairs offer a good opportunity. You may have the chance to make an appointment with potent suppliers.

Third, make good use of your social networks. Present your needs on social media like Linkedin, Facebook, and tweeter.

Finally, you can also find one through the trade association.

Tip-II: Do some research on the reborn doll manufacturers’ basic information.

wholesale-npk-40cm-reborn-baby-premie-doll-lifelike-5It is not very easy to make a final decision that you make orders from so many reborn doll wholesalers. Before you make a deal, try best to learn the information as much as you can. It’s just like you are finding the best clothing for yourself or your families. You are supposed to compare the price and quality. And then you can make your judgment. Moreover, do not think of doing a search as trouble. As we all know, the right wholesale company really makes research much easier. You can search online for basic information such as the company’s name, service, review and the shipping regulations, and so on. Just master the news about the wholesaler as much as possible.

Tip-III: Consider the key factors when selecting the reborn doll wholesalers

When you are searching for the information, do not forget to access those factors in the following. Once you have contrast all of the key factors, the process of finding suitable reborn doll suppliers can be valuable.

Factor 1: the price of reborns

The price is not the most important factor for the word best in “best wholesale reborn dolls”. But it is the first factor that you have to take into account. Obviously, right? You are a businessman and you have to consider the budget and profit.

Factor 2: the quality control of a reborn baby doll

The quality is always the first element that your customer take care of. Thus, there is no doubt that you should also care about it. You need to know if the quality deserves the money and brand value.

Checking their quality control is helpful for you too if you will be getting the best product. You will find so many wholesalers that sell products online. So you are inclined to make sure that the reborn baby dolls will work properly with your system. Then it is possible to keep your baby doll in top condition in the market.

Factor 3: the minimum order quantity

Because your target is to wholesale reborn babies, the minimum order quantity is a factor that you cannot escape. This is the rule in the market. You are not a customer on the street just to buy one or two realistic baby dolls, right?

Factor 4: the shipping and the delivery time

As a qualified businessman, you must want to arrange everything rightly. Thus you will care about the delivery time. How long would it take from the time and date when the hyper-realistic baby dolls are issued to the time when they are actually delivered? What kind of shipping tools is suitable and cost-effective.

Factor 5: the payment terms of the wholesale companies

Will the doll manufacturers give you a discount? Will they give you credit, and if so how much? How many days would they give you to pay their invoice? Those are all of the questions that you have to know and ask the suppliers.

Factor 6: customer service

Pay careful attention to how doll suppliers deal with you. It may be a good indicator of how they will perform if you do business with them.

Factor 7: the reputation of the reborn baby dolls wholesale company

wholesale-bebe-reborn-lifelike-silicone-reborn-baby-3It is of great importance to make sure that the reborn doll wholesalers have a good reputation. After all, a good company always easy you in the process of wholesaling the reborns. You can ask for testimonials from people that have bought the products. The testimonials will help you to check out if the company is legitimate or not.

Otherwise, you can also know some useful information from other people who have cooperated with the wholesalers. They will tell you their true feelings about collaboration. For example, the customer service is good or bad, and does the wholesaler provide any extra services?

Moreover, you can also ask the salesman directly about their promise. A good businessman knows how to grasp the opportunity of dealing.


Purchasing the wholesale reborn baby dolls from a great wholesale company is not a very difficult thing. What you should know is how to judge the responsible manufacturer. These tips mentioned above is what you should take into consideration. After you have found the right wholesale company to buy from, you will be able to develop your big business on Singles’ Day, which is a festival of global shopping. As a source of comfort, reborn baby girls or boys, or reborn toddlers are very popular. I believe you can find the right one.

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