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What Are Reborn Doll Kits?


A realistic baby doll is a life-like doll that has been assembled and customized by an artist to resemble a real-life infant. It takes an experienced and skillful person to perform this procedure, a procedure that may take quite a lot of time. The final product can cost up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars as it is a work of pure art and produced with unique skills and mastery.

To produce a reborn kit, the reborn doll artist usually utilizes the part from already manufactured dolls. These parts are then remodeled with intricate details.  The whole affair begins with the artist getting rid of the original paint coating of the doll thoroughly, and after that tailoring them according to their preferences. Many companies manufacture dolls and although reborn dolls can be made by utilizing any type of manufactured, vinyl doll, still artists tend to select a doll that resembles a baby or an infant more realistically based on bodily features and facial expressions. Out of all the organizations that produce these dolls, Paradise Galleries’ variants are relatively better to use as a base doll to make reborn kits. They are also known to be cost-effective.

Reborn kits come in different shapes and sizes. The scaling can be anywhere in-between mere inches; also known as ‘preemies’ which are smaller in size, to that equal to an infant child.

Reborn kits are unique. They refer to the kind of dolls which are tailor-made and customized according to a buyer’s or an artist’s liking. They have made quite a name for themselves as the dolls that resemble so much an infant that they almost look real. People think of the dolls produced by Paradise Galleries as ‘reborn’, considering their realistic features, which makes the term pretty dynamic in that sense.

Brief History of Reborn Doll Kits

It all took place in the United States of America and the United Kingdom mainly, in the late years of the 1990s. The movement for the reborn dolls started as a tradition, of modeling a doll so realistic that it looks and feels like a human baby, survived. It intrigued a lot of different art fanatics and collectors from all around the world. Seeing some practical usage of such a product, these individuals encouraged the movement and promoted it to intensify the art of creating dolls.


Manufacturing Reborn Dolls

The art of reborn dolls is still a young and growing industry that has to explore more avenues. New types of techniques are being put forward every day to unlock various outcomes to create these dolls that look marvelously life-like. This doll acts as a milestone for different artists to be able to create such a doll that is unbelievably real and is identical to a real-life baby.


Costs of Reborn Babies

Different dolls have different prices which can cost up to anywhere between 300 USD to  1000 USD.


What you can do with life-like baby dolls?

You can treat a reborn doll like a real baby and do all the things you could with a real baby, such as feed them, take them for a walk, or even changing their diapers.


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