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Art Doll Tutorial – Creating Hyper-Realistic Baby Dolls

Realistic Baby Dolls

The “Rebirth” movement began in a niche community in the 1990s and has now expanded to a global network of artists and enthusiasts. These “rebirths” (mainly women) created surreal dolls with several layers of paint applied to make the newborn’s skin look like spots and the hair follicles inserted by the hair follicles.

While hyper-realistic dolls look really cool and attract babies towards them, they do require a lot of hard work in their making. Hyper-realistic baby dolls look like real babies and their demand has increased a lot in the last few decades.

A new short documentary shows the work of the sculptor Kate Charles, who elaborately produced surrealistic babies in her work, called “rebirth dolls.”

Reborn doll artist Kate Charles said, “There is nothing worse than a shaky head.” As the owner of Cutie Pie Productions, Charles has made the “Rebirth Doll”. A realistic artificial baby made of vinyl, glass, deerskin, and up to 80 layers of paint.  The short film “Dollhouse” produced by the Los Angeles director duo Terri Timely follows Charles’ practice of “rebirth” because the making of surrealist dolls is well known. Like most rebirths, Charles considers himself an artist, not a craftsman. The labor-intensive process of making a rebirth doll can sometimes take weeks.

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In this 7-minute movie, we gradually saw its development process: Charles pierced the tiny pores on the doll’s scalp with an awl; removed the painted doll’s limbs from the toaster, and placed it on On the stick. Dry on top. Then, wrap the reborn baby in foam wrap and transport it into a cardboard box.

Babies want adorable toys throughout their childhood, and these dolls play a vital role in that. Their making process although, is mentioned below, has got several steps to keep in mind.

The first step in making your art doll is finding the right base. A base model for your doll is decided while keeping in mind the size of the doll and its other aspects. Only then, you can move ahead precisely with the other steps.

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Once you have decided on the base, then you have to move ahead with paints. Paints provide an aesthetic touch to your doll and while painting, you can apply colors the way you want and make the doll look sweet.

Make sure to add some flair, in order to enhance the features of the doll.

A small baby should like the hyper-realistic doll and therefore you have to make sure, that the doll resembles a human baby as much as possible.

After you have shown creativity with colors and paints, it will be time to work on the baby’s face and other features. The third step of our art doll tutorial is true, working on the doll’s eyes, hair, etc.

As per your choice, you can decide the eye color and even size depending upon your base model. Once done with that, you would have to move ahead with the hairstyle of the doll.

Now, deciding on a hairstyle is quite easy. But then to root the hair on the baby’s head top, can be difficult and we have several methods for doing that. One is through a needle. Most people face this pain point of rooting hairs to the doll’s head. And therefore, for best results, you will actually have to be very slow and steady. Only then, the final result will be satisfactory.

reborn doll making
reborn doll making

The next step will be to make your doll look fluffy and cute as a real human baby. Indeed, we are talking about assembling the parts of the doll and stuffing it up. You can attach the limbs and other parts, with the help of magnets which are also easy to use and allow you to do minor tweaks and changes, even in the future.

When done with all these steps, all your art doll needs finally, is an elegant attire! Dressing the doll up in perfect reborn clothes will just provide the finishing touches that it needs.

These are all the important steps of our art doll tutorial. If you get these steps right, then making hyper-realistic dolls will never be an issue to you. This process is trusted by a lot of manufacturers, and it should help you.

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