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Review of Full Silicone 20 Baby Avatar Ava


Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava is a baby doll for kids and doll collectors that is inspired from the movie Avatar. The avatar baby doll is a highly soft baby avatar made of pure silicone having rooted hair and blue hues with added details. The avatar comes with the option of drinking, excreting, and opening eyes. The silicone avatar baby comes with scattered blue and white strips. The Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava has black hair on which there is a pink headband. The avatar baby doll has elongated ears and a long tail behind that gives it a complete avatar look, thus making it a lot different from other types of vinyl and silicone dolls available for purchase in the market.


Size of the Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava

The silicone baby doll is weighted and has a measurement up to 20 inches in length and has a weight of 6.14 pounds.

Material of the Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava

The avatar baby doll is made of silicone having a floppy and squishy property with an open mouth. Silicone babies have some specific implications and little imperfections which make them unique. These include some seams. So, there is no guarantee that the product you will be ordering will be free from any kind of imperfection. Moreover, once ordered, the purchase cannot be cancelled.

Accessories of the Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava

The silicone baby doll comes with a pacifier made of plastic that is easily attached to the mouth and a bottle with a blank kit on order. A diaper and a bow are also included in the total package.

The avatar baby is quite an artistic sight to look at with its details like the scattered blue patterns and a pink headband for accessory. The customized dots are also added on request to add to the uniqueness of the baby avatar giving a complete look.

Functions of the Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava

On feeding the baby doll with the bottle, the feeding system and excreting system is activated which adds to the realism of the doll. It is in fact, quite fun to play with provided the wet system is installed in the baby doll. In addition, the baby also opens and closes her eyes that adds to the functionality of the baby silicone. One can also give bathe to these silicone baby dolls, and the paint will not get washed off from the product. The silicone material is compatible with water which makes it ideal for real time playing that includes interaction with water.

Clothing of the Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava

The baby avatar doll does not come with any additional clothing except for a diaper. That means, you will have to get the clothing from a clothing store. Size of a pre term newborn baby fits on the Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava.

Real Baby Feel

Many silicone baby dolls are hollow. This Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava is not hollow and is fully weighted. This is done with purpose to give the silicone baby avatar a real life feeling so that it adds to the value.

Certification and Safety

The Full Silicone 20″ Baby Avatar Ava is a silicone baby doll that has Certification of Authenticity and is tested for its safety. The silicone and the added details on the reborn baby doll are not toxic and are free from PVE. The product conforms to the standards set by the ASTM F963 to ensure the safety and quality of the doll.

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