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Reborn Baby Boy Dolls Review – JC Toys Lucas

The JC toys doll – the real boy baby doll for kids is made of vinyl material and is great to play with for children over 3 and above. The doll weight is 1.43 pounds and is 17 inches of length from head to toe. When seated, it measures up to 11 inches.

The anatomically correct baby doll toy has real life like features that makes it a perfect toy for your children who want to have a good time with quality toys to play with. The realistic features are what make this doll in good demand. Moreover, the puppy Sparky and the baby doll make the perfect pair to play with.

Features of baby boy doll for kids

  • The boys baby doll for kids has cloth body that gives a real baby feel. The doll has the following features:
  • Eye color of doll: brown
  • Hair colour of baby doll: brown
  • Vinyl arms ¼
  • Viny legs ¼
  • Details are painted with hand
  • Hand set eyes and hand applied eyelashes

The nine piece play set consists of a cuddle baby Finn, fleece appliqued hat with dog ears, fleece sleeper, fleece booties, plush puppy pal Sparky, bib and baby carrier, diaper and bottle.

The doll is tested for its safety for children aged three, so it is safe for children.

What is the story behind the doll?

  • Highly realistic doll

The highly realistic doll has rounded eyes, flushed cheeks, soft skin, soft lips and innocent face that makes it perfect to play with. One can get a puppy spark and pair it with the baby doll to get a perfect bundle of sweetness. The accessories are handcrafted with special attention to the details.

  • Detailed accessories

The blue and white stripped carrier bed is also a good addition to the set. Your child can dress the baby doll in a comfortable onesie of baby blue color with a rib along the collar, leg opening, and sleeves. White buttons add to the beauty of the trip.

  • Puppy Sparky

The 3D ears on the outfit give a look of reborn baby boy ready to play along with the puppy Sparky. Your child can play with the adorable white jersey bib and a diaper. The puppy fabric accessories make the perfect accessories for a wholesome fun time for the kids.

The doll is well constructed and has a properly distributed weight with an adorable face, cheeks, arms, and legs. The baby boy doll for kids is made of great quality and material and comes with good quality accessories that last long.

The vinyl material makes the doll sustainable and resistant to wear and tear which makes it perfect for young children, a feature not much common in children toys. This improves the overall quality of the product and increases its life. Important details like applied eye lashes add to the overall value of the final product. The puppy and the baby doll make the perfect duo for children.

Manufacturers make the Finn JC baby boy doll toy from GentleTouch Vinyl which is handcrafted and is certified from authorities and comes with a collector box.

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