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Reborn Doll Reviews: Paradise Galleries Realistic Asian Japanese Baby Doll “Kiko & Suki”


If you were worried about finding a toy for your baby girl, then the cute Asian Japanese baby doll Kiko & Suki from paradise galleries, is just the solution for you!

This reborn baby girl doll not only looks cute, but also provides good value for money.

Well, you will realize that once you hand it over to your small baby, and when she starts playing with it, all day long!

Let’s have a look at all of its features!

Features of Kiko & Suki

What’s in the box?

  • Asian Japanese baby girl *1
  • Light pink onesie *1
  • Bright floral-patterned kimono with matching shorts and slippers *1
  • Cloth headband with a tulle flower *1
  • Stem pacifier *1

You may want to know

  • 21 inches from head to toe
  • Doll weight: 2.7 lbs
  • ¾ Arms and Legs
  • Medium skin tone
  • Jet black hair
  • Warm brown eyes
  • Intended for reborn doll collectors aged 14+

Appearance of Kiko & Suki

  • Size & Weight

Kiko & Suko doll is just 21 inches tall, and therefore it will never be a problem for your baby to play with it. It happens quite often when the manufacturers either make the doll too big or too small, which isn’t the ideal size for a baby. But here it isn’t the case.

The weight-balance of the doll has also been done precisely, and its not very heavy.

  • Materials

The reborn baby girl doll has been made of premium quality softtouch vinyl, and its arms as well as legs are very smooth to touch, due to the same. A perfectly carved face is sometimes, very necessary for moody babies.

Even in this department, you need not to worry much as the Kiko & Suki baby doll is very pretty. Her fluffy cheeks are life-like, and the same can be felt by just grazing her skin. It feels soft as cotton! Even her hair has been put well and as an amazing add on, you get a flower headband which just puts the cherry on top of the cake!

  • Clothes

Kiko & Suko comes with a pink onesie, but underneath that you get to see the traditional Japanese kimono suit, which is very pleasing to the eye. The floral pattern over the kimono suit is also eye-espying and there are high chances that once you buy this doll for your baby, it stays with her forever and that no other doll ever replaces it.

The beautiful baby doll has been designed like an Asian Japanese kid, which is also quite evident from its amazing kimono!

Such is the amazing quality of this doll.

Guess what?

Your baby is going to love the fact, that the doll comes with a cute kitty toy too! The smile of the kitty toy is itself everything to make your baby fall in love with it!

Kiko & Suko is a wonderful reborn baby girl doll for your kid!

The Positives and Negatives

Well, there isn’t any shortage of pros for this doll.

Right from its weight and height to its built quality, everything is high-quality and marvellous! To add on, even its clothes are removable and therefore you can dress her in your customised kimono dress!

She feels just like real, and her fluffy cheeks are just one example.

However, the only thing which might trouble your baby sometimes is that the doll can’t close its eyes!

But the rest, is value for money!


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