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How to Choose A Wig for Your Reborns


Just like real babies, reborn baby dolls are adored, loved and cherished. As it is the case with real babies, reborn baby dolls deserve all the love attention, care, beautiful clothing, and good hairstyles associated with their real baby counterparts. Many parents of reborn dolls concern with the question that how to find the most suitable wigs for their reborns. Below are some points to help you get nice wig for your reborn dolls.

Face Shape

The face shape is arguably the most important characteristic that can make or break how a haircut looks on your reborn doll.

If your reborn doll has an oval face, you can pick almost any wig but should choose one that includes volume for best results. If it’s a round face, stay away from wigs that are extremely short, to avoid making his face appear chubby. If it is a square face, choose a wig that has some layers in order to prevent his face from looking unattractively boxy. If his face is with a large forehead, try to find a haircut with bangs to add balance and harmony to his face and prevent his forehead from stealing the show.

Head size

To determine the right size wig for your reborn doll, measure the circumference of his head from the front hairline, behind one ear, to the nape of his neck, to the other ear and then back to the front hairline. Jot down the measurement then consult the table provided by wig stores. Please note that sizes may vary slightly by brand and that not all wigs are available in all cap sizes.

Race or ethnicity

Before buying a wig for your reborns, please remember to consider if the wig style is suitable for the race or ethnicity of your reborn dolls, as the race or ethnicity is a typical feature. But if you wanna cross racial barriers, it’s ok to choose a wig that just satisfy you.

Trending hairstyles

If you want to pursue the fashion world, go to learn the trending hairstyles before you make up your mind. Choosing a fashionable wig can make your reborn doll look chic and give you a happy time.


Last, cost is also a necessary factor when you are making the decision. You have to take your budget into account. It is not worthy to buy the most expensive wig because it is not absolutely fit your reborn doll. Just find a suitable one in a reasonable price.

Beware of the fact that like real babies, reborns come with different head structures, sizes, races, and ethnicities. All of which plays a significant role is the choice of a wig. It is, therefore, advisable to not only take a true measurement of the reborns head to determine its circumference before making a decision to buy a wig, but also consider the aforementioned points to achieve a unique and beautiful look. Remember the points all move together, and trying to prioritize one over the other isn’t the best way to go.

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3 thoughts on “How to Choose A Wig for Your Reborns

  1. Nicole Slater says:

    Where can I buy a wig for my reborn doll?
    I need urgently
    Thank you

    1. reborndoll says:

      You can search wigs for reborn dolls online and you will find many online shops where you could buy a wig.

  2. The Dragon Den says:

    Has anyone shopped at Village Vapors Vape Shop in 9905 Hull Street Rd?

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