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How to Take Care of Reborn Babies Hair with Conditioner?


The life like baby doll which you are holding in your hands, has been manufactured with a lot of effort.

Some hand-crafted details, such as its hair, eyes, etc., make it more special. But to keep it special for a long time, it’s important to know the ways in which you make reborn hair conditioner.

Some models of these reborn dolls cost a lot and that’s also because of the hand-sewn hair. Therefore, let’s look at some of the tips which can help us in the proper conditioning of their hair.

Taking care of reborn doll’s hair

reborn-baby-doll-hair-care-5So, hair is another important part of a reborn baby doll. It’s not only important and attractive, but also fragile. And therefore, there are several precautions one must take in order to clean the same.

The first important thing to note is that the hair of a reborn doll is not washable. And therefore, avoid the same or else, you will damage the mohair of the doll.

Hand-rooted hairs are actually delicate and its not advised to scrub or apply any type of force.

So, for keeping the hair as it is and nice over the period of time, you can use your hands! For avoiding knots and tangling of hair strands, it is advised that you use your fingertips.

Well, sadly with your lifelike baby doll, you won’t have the choice of comb. Therefore, avoid them.

Only using a comb or brush with mohair conditioner

reborn-baby-doll-hair-care-1Along with this, you also have an option of buying mohair conditioner.

It will help you in the proper conditioning as well as cleaning of the doll’s hair. The conditioner is not to be rubbed or scrubbed, but just sprayed over the reborn baby doll’s hair. Once you have applied it, you can then use a comb to get rid of all the dirt, knots, etc.

Yes, you can use a comb or brush in this case, but generally without the mohair conditioner, it is not advised.


reborn-baby-doll-hair-care-3So, if you sprinkle water over the reborn baby doll’s head and then start combing it, then you might destroy its elegant hairstyle. And therefore, it’s not preferred.

The mohair conditioner on the other hand, will not only help you in keeping the doll’s hair clean, but also in moisturizing it nicely!

If the conditioner is used properly, then you would even be able to see the roots and stuff properly.

So, these were some of the tips of reborn hair conditioning.

Avoiding some things bad for the hand-sewn hair

reborn-baby-doll-hair-care-2Your life like baby doll will only look nice throughout the years, if these are followed strictly.

But apart from that, you also have to avoid some things, which are not good for the hand-sewn hair of the doll.

Those things are wax, gels, hair sprays, etc.

Well, all of them might suit your hair. But they will not suit the doll’s hair. The doll’s hair is a bit different than the human hair. And that’s the reason why, those products might just ruin the hair completely!

So, avoid them!

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