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Reborn Baby Girl Review: Ashton Drake So Truly Real Name Your Cherish

Ashton Drake So Truly Real Name Your Cherish

If you are willing to cherish her, you can have her. So Truly Real Name Your Cherish Baby Doll is a newborn baby girl doll created by renowned Master Doll Artist Denise Farmer. She is available only at Ashton-Drake. She looks so peaceful while asleep, a beautiful sight to behold. All you need to do is give her a name and love her, and she’s all yours. She is a belong to among the stable of lookalike dolls that is age-appropriate for teens and adults. She will see you through those lonely moments, those time when you just want to be alone with your thought or simply looking for a playmate to pass the time with. She is a great doll to role-play the act of parenthood as she got that newborn baby cuteness.


What’s in the box?

Reborn Baby Girl*1




Hospital Bracelet*1

You may also want to know

  • Doll Gender: Girl Doll
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Size: 18″
  • Material: RealTouch Vinyl
  • Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Ages 14 and above



Baby Doll Cherish still slightly flushed from the miracle of birth and she is ready to snuggle happily in your arms in all tranquillity. Cherish baby doll is a cutie with pronounced and exquisite features. Her eyelashes, wispy hands and hair are all hand-applied. To help make her looking as lifelike as a real baby, her nails, her fingers and feet are all hand-painted. The details on her express a form of beauty, elegance and childlike innocence.

Ashton Drake So Truly Real Name Your Cherish
Name Your "Cherish" Lifelike Baby Doll
Name Your "Cherish" Lifelike Baby Doll
  • Made With Real Touch Vinyl

Cherish Baby Doll is made from RealTouch vinyl that is soft to touch, making you feel like you’re holding a real baby.

  • Ideal Size for Play

Clementine measures 18 inches from head to toe. Cherish baby doll is not a toy, but a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors and it’s suitable for ages 14 and above only.

  • Gift Ready

This Cute Baby Doll is a lovely gift for a birthday present.

Prons and Cons


  • Poseable
  • Beautiful hand-painted details
  • Remarkably lifelike qualities
  • Arrives with the soft scent of baby powder
  • Comes with a matching cap
  • Comes with a pacifier and a hospital bracelet



  • Cannot open eyes


Name Your "Cherish" Lifelike Baby Doll


One of the most beautiful features of this reborn baby girl doll is the fact that she has her own pacifier. Also, she is clothed in a footed sleeper dress which matches her cap. While like most dolls, she does have that baby powder scent and there is a customizable bracelet on her arm that you can inscribe the name you give to her. As the name suggests, she is a doll wrapped in a package looking for someone to cherish her. She is a great addition for a set of dolls as well as an individual doll to prepare you for parenthood.

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