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How Do You Seal A Reborn Doll?


Why to seal the reborn baby doll?

Vinyl is a durable and soft material that makes the reborn doll as smooth to feel like the real baby. It is used to make reborn doll skin. But vinyl is easily stained from a newspaper, nail polish, food colors, and dark fabric.

The sealant protects vinyl and provides a barrier to save the doll’s shine and paint. It also reduces the chances of scratches and staining. The material reborn artists use to seal reborn dolls can also give skin texture to the reborn. By following these few steps, you can prepare sealant and apply it to your reborn doll.

How to seal the reborns?

1.Create the sealing

reborn-doll-sealingThe first step to sealing the paint is to prepare “secret sauce” with a pigment, which can be a mixture of blush colors.

Preparation of Secret sauce for reborn dolls

There are four key ingredients for the secret sauce.

  • Heat Matte Varnish
  • Thinning medium
  • Flesh 08
  • Warm blush

sereat-sauce-for-reborn-doll-3Mix heat matte varnish and thinning medium in a small container with a ratio of 50:50. Add a little bit of paint thinner to avoid crustiness from over application. The mixture will become creamy and gelatinous. You can add a few more drops of paint thinner to form a smooth mixture.

Add the flesh color, which gives pigment varnish so that the texture becomes doll colored and so white. Then add warm blush in this mixture, which warms the flesh color and helps the seal blend with all areas.

In the end, you will get a peachy red mixture. And it’s your secret sauce.

2.Thin the sauce over the reborns

seal-the-reborn-baby-doll-2Take a transparent glass plate and lubricate it with paint thinner. Then spread the secret sauce over it. You can use a spatula for the precise spreading of the secret sauce to a translucent and thin layer.

3.Apply the seal to the realistic baby doll

seal-the-reborn-baby-1Use a small sponge to apply sauce over the skin of your reborn doll. Transfer a thin layer of sauce to your sponge. You should spread it with more speed because once it’s dry, you can’t move it. And the accumulation of seal causes a chalky look.

You can use “spouncer” for spots to give it a more dramatic texture. To cover small areas, you can use the tip of a flat brush.  Wait until it’s dry, then with the help of a sponge, buff away any white spots.

Tips before you seal a hyper-realistic baby doll

You should wait a few days before applying your seal to your reborn if you have just finished blushing your doll. Wait until the blush is soaked properly in vinyl; otherwise, you may rub the color off. This time depends upon your pigment type also. For example, oil-based pigments take more time to dry, just like oil-based paintings. If you have used oil-based paint, you should wait at least 6 weeks before applying your sealer. You need to be sure about all aspects before sealing your reborn dolls.

Moreover, when you apply a seal to a reborn doll, you want your doll to look more pigmented. In that case, you can add more flesh and warm blush to give your doll a darker texture.

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