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How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Reborn Doll?


A reborn doll undoubtedly helps women with different feminine problems and offer therapy for depression and anxiety. But it’s hard for your parents to understand your need or wish to get a reborn doll.

Do you want to know how to convince your parents to let you get a reborn doll? The following reborn doll tips might help you to resolve this question.

Prepare yourself before going to your parents

get-a-reborn-doll-1First of all, you should pick your required doll according to your wish. The reborn dolls are very expensive, and it’s always hard to convince parents of this much expensive thing. Therefore, meet them halfway.

Save your money to buy a doll by yourself or at least to give some money to your parents as participation in the budget for a doll. You can save money by doing some paid chores, gift money, and Christmas money.

Show your parents that you are responsible enough to take care of reborn dolls, or at least it will show your interest level in dolls. Be friendly and respectful to them.

Talk to your parents

Not all the parents understand to allow you to get a reborn doll due to some reasons. So, the first thing that is important before talking to your parents is that “why do you want a reborn doll?” whether you need it or you want it. The situation in both cases is different.

If you are going through a phase such as miscarriage or baby loss, your state is justifiable, and your need for a reborn doll is valid. Most parents allow you to get one.

But, if you are a teenager or a younger kid, they may never permit you to get reborn dolls. It is because these dolls are expensive and parents think you are too old to have a doll. We have enlisted a few tips to talk to your parents in these situations.


  • It’s O.K. to have a reborn doll.

You should communicate with your parents with logics and remove their concerns. Tell them that “it’s not weird to have a reborn doll in fact it’s unique.”

  • Enhance babysitting skills

Talk to your parents about the positive aspects of having a reborn doll such as it can increase your babysitting skills and prepare you for the future.

  • Higher stigma than others

The stigma of females who play with reborn dolls remains exceptionally high than others.

  • Tell them about your savings.

Many parents allow their kids to get a reborn doll, but it is not possible every time because of their budget. If you have your money, then you can easily convince them by telling them about your savings.

Pay and get one

get-a-reborn-doll-6After convincing your parents, pay with your savings and get a reborn doll of your own choice and size. But trust me! When you get one, you want one more. It’s a kind of addiction. Though it’s totally healthy to have a reborn doll, and slowly your parents get that too.

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