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What Can You Do with A Reborn Doll?

Reborn Princess Charlotte

Reborn dolls are quite a work of art. They are very realistic dolls that have been made with utmost care and precision. These dolls don’t come cheap and are extremely popular among children and adults.

Since it is a doll it can be used by children to play in their free time. Adults use it to keep themselves entrained to find comfort after an unexpected loss such a miscarriage or curbing loneliness.

It can also be used by adults to prepare for parenthood. These dolls look and feel like an actual baby so it is very easy to develop emotions for it and to get an insight on what it would be like to deal with a real baby.

While these dolls are selling like hot cakes, a lot of people wonder one does with these dolls after purchasing them? To help you get a better insight in the world of a reborn owner, we present to you a list of all the things you can do with a reborn doll.

Things to do with a Reborn Doll

As this is a very realistic baby doll, you can treat like an actual baby and have fun with like you would with a real child.

Reborn baby girlGive Your Doll a Name

Since this doll is supposed to be something close to your heart, regardless of the purpose you get it for, it would be great to start off by giving it a nice name. This would make your experience with the doll more intimate.

Buy Clothes and Accessories for your Doll
The dolls usually do come in some clothing but since they are in the same shape and size as a real baby so it’s not difficult to get them new clothes that would fit them perfectly fine.

Other than that, all the parents to be can practice swaddling on these baby dolls as well which is the act of wrapping a newborn baby in a blanket. Getting clothes for these dolls would make the experience more exciting and fun.

You could also get it different accessories such as small shoes and boots, socks and little hair clips if it is a girl. Some toys would be nice for the doll too, a pacifier and a feeding bottle is also a must to make the most of your experience.

Reborn Baby BoyDress Them Up
One of the most enjoyable things according to the reborn doll owners is dressing up their dolls. Who doesn’t like dressing up? This goes out especially for us women.

So, now it’s time to make the most of all the clothes that you have purchased for your doll and make them wear a cute outfit from time to time. However, there is an important step before putting the clothes on and that is changing diapers.

Changing diapers is a big responsibility and it needs to be done frequently. This could also be a good opportunity for women who are expecting to practice putting on diapers so when the time finally comes, they would be a pro at it.

Feed the Reborn
Feeding is another important and fun aspect of playing with the reborn doll. These dolls are very realistic and they can easily have a feeding bottle or a pacifier placed in their mouth to be fed.

It is a very fun activity to indulge in with these dolls and one could also do it as frequently as they would with an actual baby, since they need to be fed again and again.

Same goes for changing their clothes and diapers. If one truly considers this doll as their own child, they could change their clothes and diaper frequently as children often tend to make a mess.

Reborn Baby BoyClean the Doll
Since we are talking about mess, the dolls can tend to get messy too. Since they are being fed and people often take them out in the public as well, they tend to get a bit dirty.

So, what you can do is draw a nice bubble bath for your doll and gently wash it. Since it is just as delicate as a real child, you have to remember to be very gentle with it. You can shampoo its soft hair as well with a good, mild shampoo.

Take Care of Your Doll
Once you are done cleaning it, you can dry it off with a fluffy towel and then swaddle it or put it in cute clothes. You can also add some baby powder to give your doll a soft baby like smell.

Public Outings
These dolls can be taken out in the public as well and they are so realistic that they would make people do a double-take just to make sure that they are real or not. You can take them out for a walk in a stroller and even take pictures with them for cherishable memories.

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