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Reborns: A Child’s Best Friend

While reborn dolls are becoming increasingly popular, a lot of parents out there are wondering if it would be okay to get their child one too. To help all the concerned parents understand how reborn dolls are a get source of entertainment and learning for their children, we present to you all the reasons why a reborn doll is a child’s best friend.

Help in Emotional Development

A reborn doll is a very realistic baby doll that children love to play with. When a child plays with this doll it enables them to experience a lot of new things. For instance, it could be your child’s friend and they could have a healthy warm relationship with their doll.

It will help promote the feelings of creative thinking when your child would make up different scenarios with their new friend. It will also give rise to emotional intelligence.

Children tend to learn from what they see, so when your child sees how adults take care of babies, they will relate that to their doll and would take care of it by feeding it, dressing it and comforting it. This would allow them to develop love and caring emotions for others.

Development of Intellectual skills

Playing with a realistic baby doll will allow your children to learn numerous important skills and lessons. Reborn baby dolls are the same as real babies and your child will enhance and strengthen his language skills.

You will notice that your kids will talk and behave in a way very similar to yours. As parents we talk to our children in a certain way and children are quick to pick that up.

Considering the dolls are little children too, your children would talk to them using the same words and sentences that you use. They will also learn about different body parts of the doll and they are similar to their own.

Development of Self-help and Motor Skills

When children play with these realistic dolls, they do the same things with them that they do with themselves. They become more independent in the regular stuff they did earlier with the help of their parents.

As they are now doing it for someone else, the practice their skills very well. This includes everyday stuff such as undressing, dressing up, learning their way around zips and buttons, bathing, washing and other numerous activities.

A Sense of Responsibility

One of the greatest benefits of playing dolls is learning about responsibility. Since these dolls are human babies, it allows the children to mimic the emotions that a parent feels of their child.

They also understand the responsibility of a parent as well which includes taking care of the child. So, the children take care of the doll by making sure it’s cleaned, fed and changed while having fun.

Getting Ready for a New Sibling

If you are deciding to expand your family and have a new addition on its way then a reborn doll would be the perfect gift for your child. Playing with this doll is like playing with a real-life baby.

Once the child gets accustomed to the doll, he or she wouldn’t have any trouble welcoming the new baby in the family as it would be just like their reborn doll. Your child can learn different things from changing diapers to trying to calm a baby.

Since these dolls are very realistic and just as soft and fragile as a real baby, your child would also know how delicate babies are and they have to be handled with extra care. These reborn dolls would be perfect to prepare your child for the new baby in the house as they won’t feel left out either once the new kid arrives.

Understanding their True Identity

These dolls come in a variety of different colors, shapes and sizes according to different ethnicities. Since birth, children become accustomed to their surroundings and the people around them.

The world is quickly becoming a large ethnically diverse community where every country has different people of various races and ethnicities. So, playing with a doll from their own ethnicity would make a child feel like a part of something bigger and truly accepted.

Other than that, playing with a doll from a different ethnicity would make a child understand that there are people of different color and creed from a very young age and learn to love them all equally.

A Source of Joy and Happiness

Last but certainly not the least, let’s not forget that these dolls are a toy at the end of the day and all children love toys. These dolls have been made to utmost perfection with high quality material that is safe to be used by your child. So, gift this doll to your child to allow them to learn and grow while having fun.

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